Process of acquiring free Publicity!

If you own a company which is into selling a service or a product, there is nothing better than getting no cost advertising option available. A free advertising or publicity can get you the chance to be really come into limelight or observed and have marketing be acquired by the company […]

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The Excellent Technique of Ethnic Research Useful for Marketing

A concerned focus group is an effective and well-proven technique that is very frequently used by the different corporate companies for the major purpose of market research, thus enabling them to know the various viable opinions and the major perspectives of target audiences in regards to the […]

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Significance of Branding

An item or a brand, with regards to the promotion, can be really challenging to be determined. What does it actually mean? What does it actually describe to the audience? Basically, what is a brand is to be thoroughly understood.

It is not a term for an unique service or product, you can actually […]

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BTL Advertising Blogs

The major features of BTL Advertising and how it differs from ATL Advertising

There are two major forms of advertising which are the Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) advertising. These are the two terms that are being bandied around often these days in the vast advertising world and often have the lay […]

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